10 Reasons Why We Are Happier Now

Mormon Faith Transition

Often when people begin to go down the “rabbit hole,” learning information they never knew, nor could comprehend, about the church, it is a time a deep sorrow. This is why I decided to create this video – because if you are in that place of feeling like you are in free fall without a parachute, like we felt, I want to reassure you that it really DOES get better!

During our transition I remember thinking “will I ever be truly happy again?” This messaging is a part of the programming of the Mormon church. The idea that the only “real” or “true” happiness can only be found within Mormonism is a message that I learned throughout my entire life.

Add to that, it can be terrifying to face the complexities that come along with this transition. For many this includes “coming out” to their Mormon family, friends, spouse, ward members and co-workers. This one aspect alone often comes with great challenges, painful realizations and changes in how the new “non-believer” is viewed and treated moving forward.

This journey is both brutal and breathtaking for most of us. You are not alone. Take care of yourself. Show up for yourself through this. The sun will rise again.