Discovery Session

This initial 75 minute session serves several purposes. The Discovery session will be our first opportunity to “meet” and get a feel for one another. In the beginning we will cover what you can expect from me as your coach and you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions about how coaching works.

Most importantly, during the Discovery Session, I will ask you a series of questions to gain a thorough understanding of your background, what is bringing you to coaching and what you hope to accomplish in our future work together. This initial session provides me with a clear understanding of how I can best support your unique circumstances and objectives moving forward.

If by the end of this session we mutually feel that we are a good fit for moving forward into coaching together, you will gain access to my client portal where you can book your first official coaching session. The Discovery Session cost is $150. After the discovery session you can book a Six Session Package for $575. Standard coaching sessions thereafter are $100.

discovery session