Evening Time Family Rituals

Intentional Parenting, Mormon Faith Transition

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Identifying a family ritual with a name is something you may want to consider. We call our family evening time together “Circle Up” time.

These are family ritual ideas that could be incorporated any time of the day that works best for your family:

– Reading books that support values your family feels are important.

– Meditation moments using the Calm app, Insight Timer or another tool.

– A moment of silence where everyone sits close, or holds hands, or ponders on an open-ended question that is offered prior to the minute of silence.

– Saved IG account posts that speak to your heart/values/priorities, or that just bring some giggles to the end or beginning of your day together.

– Ted Talks, there are SO many amazing ones to choose from.

– Consider ending/beginning your day as a family with a thought, question to ponder or intention for the day.

– This is a time you could talk about what worked well in the family that day, and what didn’t work well. This can be a time for reflection and practicing active listening skills.