Family Rituals Introduction

Intentional Parenting, Mormon Faith Transition

Ritual Videos:

1. Family Rituals – An Intro.
2. Mealtime Rituals
3. Evening Time Rituals
4. Bedtime Rituals

Family rituals are repeated and coordinated activities that have significance for the family. For example, morning routines of getting ready for the day are not rituals, because they do not have symbolic importance. Here are a few important identifiers of family rituals:

Predictability – if there is no predictability, the ritual looses its power.

Connection – Fosters a sense of increased connectivity with the person(s).

Identity – A sense of who belongs to the family is what is special about the family.

A way to anchor values – Values demonstrate what we believe and hold dear.

In the following videos I will share specific family ritual ideas that can be incorporated into already existing family rhythms.

The last thing I want you to feel right now is MORE guilty than you already do for not doing A, B or C that you wish you were doing. Guilt just so rarely serves us. One or two consistent family rituals can make a big difference in fostering greater connection and identity within a family.

In the following Family Ritual videos I will focus on illustrating ways to make better use of the time you may already be spending together as a family. For example, you have to feed your children, so I talk about options for rituals during mealtime. We all put our kids to bed in one way or another, so I offer evening and bedtime ideas that can make this time more meaningful and memorable.