Four Weeks to

Family Economy

Intentional Parenting

Are you ready to dive in and develop a doable family system that will create a harmonious daily flow and also provide character development for kids from toddlers to teens? I’m bringing twelve years of experience with this system to the table as I guide participants through each step of the process!

ALL OF MY COURSES COME WITH A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. My commitment is to offer transformative insights and tools that will have a significant positive impact your life. If this is not your experience, then I will refund 100% of your course registration.  

Here’s what you can expect:

Week #1 – We start with the why.
In the name of love we may extend indulgence rather than consequences and instant gratification instead of delayed gratification, resulting in dependence rather than independence and entitlement rather than responsibility.
Week #2 – Expectation framework.
Identify what daily and weekend responsibilities you will incorporate into your unique system. Learn how to “transfer the ownership monkey” off your shoulders to create space for individual ownership and character development.
Week #3 – Privilege framework.
What privileges will be extended to family members who contribute. Be prepared to outline what behaviour specifics matter to you. Learn ways to respond to roadblocks that may have derailed previous attempts at a family system.
Week #4 – Implementation.

Solidify your step-by-step plan. Learn and practice how to effectively share your newly developed system with the family. End this course armed with communication tools that will support you in implementing and keeping consistent with your new system.

What Clients are Saying

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“Leah has helped me tremendously in my faith transition by acknowledging and validating my feelings. I have been so low in my self confidence and have struggled in knowing who I am and she is helping me so much in rebuilding my self image. I will never be able to thank her enough for this. By helping me understand the levels of vulnerability, setting boundaries, and through role playing, she has helped me gain confidence in how to respond to others not only in the church, but to all those who I may have to have a difficult conversation with. This has given me so much more strength and peace during my transition. I no longer feel that I “owe” anyone an explanation and I no longer feel that I need to rush into anything. This has decreased my stress and anxiety and has helped me embrace one day at a time as I go through this experience. “

Janalee Adair, North Carolina

“Leah’s coaching has been invaluable as I’ve been navigating the loss of my faith and navigating our mixed faith marriage. When I first started talking with Leah I had very little hope that my marriage would survive and I, personally, was in the deepest despair of my life. Leah’s wisdom and concrete tools have been paramount to turning our marriage into a more healthy relationship with better communication, boundaries and intentional shifting from the destructive patterns that had built up over the years. Leah has given me endless resources, compassion and action items to help me be accountable to what we talk about in each session. She has truly been an angel to me and to my family during the hardest and darkest time of our family’s life. I come away from each session blown away by how much I’ve learned and always more hopeful that with hard work things will get better.”

Jami Waite, New York

“We are raised in the LDS church to think and judge things in “black-or-white” terms. This unhealthy type of thinking is something we tend to carry with us during a faith transition. Leah helped me recognize the folly of this world view and how to see color in the world. This has helped me improve my relationship with my kids, as I am more open to allow them freedom of thought/belief. Likewise, I am able to interact with members of the church and not feel conflict about our differing beliefs.”

Chris Payne, Texas