Intentional Parenting, The Prerequisite Video

Intentional Parenting


These parenting videos will explain things we’ve found helpful in our family. Some of these ideas may be helpful for you and your family, others may not.

These videos are NOT a prescription for parenting! I am not a master. I am not a guru and I am not even your teacher. I believe that you are your own best master. You are your own best guru and you are your own best teacher.

Simply take what feels useful, leave the rest behind!!

If you do try out a new system or method in your family, my greatest recommendation is to remember that it is less about finding the perfect system or method, and more importantly about effective implementation and consistency. Chances are it will get harder before it feels useful or effective.

As you watch these videos please remember that I am not a perfect parent and I don’t aspire to be one. I am an average parent who has many shortcomings, and I am at peace with that. Although I am always trying to step into higher parenting self, I so believe that my shortcomings can be important teachers for my children too.

I am also always open to changing my approach and shifting my position. I want maintain a growth mindset in life and in parenting, so things I feel strongly about now may change as I continue to learn and grow or as circumstances shift.

From time to time I will invite my children and even my husband Cody to share insights in a video. This is an invitation I will extend to them, not a requirement. So you may see some children more than others, some you may not see at all. I respect their decision participate on their terms.

If they do choose to share insights I will be asking them questions on the spot. I want to capture their truthful and authentic thoughts rather than offering discussed and rehearsed thoughts.