1. Family Rituals Intro
2. Mealtime Rituals
3. Evening Time Rituals
4. Bedtime Rituals

Mealtimes offer a great time for increasing connection our family unity and connection. It’s a chance to practice active listening, asking meaningful open-ended questions and incorporating simple rituals.

Simple mealtime rituals may include:

– Everyone sharing a gratitude before the meal begins – in our family sometimes we hold hands while we share.

– Writing gratitudes on a piece of paper and placing them in a jar in the center of the table. This is something that you can discuss during the meal, or at another time.

– A moment of gratitude could also happen in a simple family journal, or individual journals, that are kept in a basket on the meal table.

– One meaningful question moment each meal could include questions like:
* What were the best and worst parts of your day today?
* How did you show up for yourself or someone else today?
* How did you practice (name a core value) today?
* What made you feel happy or sad today?
* How did you work through a difficult or unexpected situation today?

Several of these ideas include gratitude. The amount of science supporting offering up gratitude is FASCINATING! For a amazing short lecture about the power of gratitude check out the master class by Shawn Achor on the Calm app!