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Cody and Leah Young share their journey on the Mormon Stories Podcast
A Tribute to Leah, Cody and Brinley Young after their Excommunication
Brinley Young shares her journey on the Mormon Stories Podcast
Leah’s interview on the Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast
The Excommunication of Leah and Cody Young on the Mormon Stories Podcast
Cody and Leah Young on the Ask a Relationship Coach Podcast

What Clients are Saying

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My conversations with Leah were always so enlightening, they gave me confidence and clarity. Leah provided me with the information and tools that I was desperately looking for. I tell everyone I come across who is going through a similar life experience, to find someone you trust, who can be in your corner, a mentor and coach, Leah was that for me! I look back and see where I was and now, where I am today, and my heart is grateful for the growth, change and resilience. Thank you Leah for being you!

– Jessica Smith Olsen

Leah was there for me and my family during the hardest time of our lives- our faith transition. She and her family were my connection to hope- that things would get better. She has a gift to make people feel loved and accepted; she has a gift to create a safe place for people. I feel lucky and honored to have her help me and my family!

– Kristie DeRoque

“Her example of love is literally not even only the cause to why my family is still together, but also THE REASON my wife and I are closer, happier and growing more than ever before.”

– Rodney Nehring

“Leah helped me wrap my head around the situation at hand, then move through my emotional state feeling safe and grounded. She supplied wonderful resources and exquisite support. I will be forever grateful she took time to guide me through my faith crisis. The process was a lot less scary with her in my corner!”

– Andrea Christiansen

Going through my faith transition is the hardest thing I have experienced, and Leah has been such a helpful guide for me. She knows firsthand what it’s like, and has been able to share advice and perspective that give me hope and have helped me through the process of grief.

– Todd Carlson