Leah is such a kind, genuine, deep and wise person. I leave each session feeling empowered and excited for the opportunities of growth that lie ahead. I’ve learned the power that comes when living with integrity and authenticity and when making choices that align with my inner knowing. She’s been tremendously helpful in shifting from control parenting to conscious parenting. My husband and I took her conscious parenting online course and we now feel more connected to our children than we ever have and believe these shifts will allow us to build and maintain healthy relationships with them.

The communication skills she teaches have been very helpful for my children to use with each other as they interact and navigate conflict. Her coaching has taught me how to implement healthy boundaries in relationships, how to recognize healthy or unhealthy patterns in relationships and determine safety for vulnerability. I can’t say enough good things about Leah!

Lauren Fiala

Leah was a lifesaver for me when I went through my faith transition. She helped me navigate my relationship with my daughter, while she prepared and went on her mission. She also helped me find resources and communities as I figured out my new place and family dynamic. I don’t know how I would have made it through my faith transition without her. She really cares about people and is passionate about helping them.
Amber Barbeau

Leah is one of the most thoughtful, kind women you will ever meet. I was at a pivotal point in my life where I really needed help with discussing hard topics with the people I love most. I didn’t even know where to begin or how to do it and I lived with the fear that I was going to be severing my closest relationships as I fumbled through it. All that I was learning up to that point I wasn’t able to retain when those hard conversations did come up. This is where Leah came in for me.

I had heard a lot about Leah from some friends and so I decided to look at her website, Balanced Living with Leah. The thing that stuck out to me the most was learning about communication and then role playing it! Role playing my own personal conversations with Leah was what completely shifted my perspective and led to greater confidence in my ability to communicate my needs while also being respectful of the other person and their needs.

I have been able to form closer bonds, discuss difficult topics, respect autonomy, and move forward with more intimate relationships! I know when things work for me when I am able to implement what I have learned and use it in all types of scenarios and circumstances, not just the ones I began learning it for. I use Leah’s techniques all of the time! I came out of her course a more well rounded person with many tools to continue to benefit all types of relationships. I love Leah! She changed my life.

Monica Geary

Leah has taught me to see the world, situations, and others around me in such beautiful and new ways…it has changed my life. She listens, shows empathy, teaches, and has given me actual tools to navigate and move forward through difficult situations and relationships in loving and healthy ways. Every time I end a session with her I feel renewed, understood, and so excited to put her methods into action. I am so grateful to have Leah as a coach, mentor, and positive influence in my life. She genuinely cares and I feel that in each session. I will forever view Leah as a gift in my life!

Danielle Micheals

First of all, Leah is an outstanding coach! She was professional, on time, and provided a high quality and valuable course. We took her multi-week communication group classes. We are a married couple going through a faith transition out of a church where our immediate family members are still active. This course provided us with the words, understanding, approaches, and insights we needed to keep a healthy relationship with those around us.
The course allowed for 1 on 1 instruction as well as group discussions about things we wouldn’t have thought to ask about or foreseen in our future through this faith transition/crisis. We learned to become better listeners, how to help people feel that they’re heard, how to communicate assertively to meet your own needs, and how to set boundaries with others depending on the level of vulnerability we felt appropriate with that person.

We can’t say enough good things about Leah. She seemed to have an emotional and intellectual connection with each person in the group. She truly cares and wants to help each person through all of the challenges a faith transition dishes out. Her personal life experience, time, sacrifice and effort she puts into effectively helping others is inspiring. She took time to communicate with us outside the course as we were deciding to take the course, and even replied to our messages shortly after the course, making us feel truly care about and valued. She helped us feel supported and like she was our friend helping us through the hardest things we’ve faced in our family relationships to date. This investment was worth every dime. Highly recommend. Thanks again Leah. You rock

Kyle Niedrich

My husband and I signed up for Leah’s 5 week communication course and we absolutely loved it! It not only helped us with our transition out of Mormonisn but also with basic communication between eachother as husband and wife. I personally gained so much from Leah and her insightful role plays she incorporated in to each lesson. She gave us all time to share, to ask questions and to use the tools she was giving us each week.

I learned how to set my own boundaries, I learned how to be an active listener and I learned how to respond to the difficult questions and concerns that come up with believing family and friends. It was all so valuable. Leah is a fun, outgoing, kind hearted woman who has so much love and knowledge to share. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity I had to be able to be a part of this course and I have already suggested it to others I think could benefit. Thank you, Leah.

Ashley England

Some people are natural leaders and torch-bearers. Leah is one of them. She has beautifully and gracefully departed from an orthodox, high-demand, dogmatic religion, a process that can be extremely messy, even crippling.

While it’s not that uncommon to leave religion in this day and age, it IS uncommon to find people like Leah who are putting in the work to understand what it is exactly we’re leaving and how to replace it with something meaningful and sustainable. Whether it be identifying values, parenting, reclaiming internal authority, reconstructing identity, etc., Leah is helping identify tools, resources, and principles to help those undergoing this messy transition.

The world is waking up. Religion isn’t as relevant or practical as it used to be. It can even be quite harmful. So, where do we go next? Leah is among the pioneers helping chart new territory. Brilliant as she is, she’s never dogmatic. She humbly shares ideas, inviting her audience play with them, taking what resonates and leaving what doesn’t.

Thank you for sharing yourself in the spaces, Leah! I highly recommend!

Brandon Checketts

Extremely helpful communication course. The principles are applicable to every aspect of life (work, school, relationships, etc). It doesn’t matter where you are at spiritually, this course is applicable and helpful in improving communication skills with others, whether you believe what they believe or not. There is helpful role playing to learn how to apply the principles learned such as boundary setting, active listening, and validating ourself and others. I highly recommend this course and learning from Leah!

Landon Foust

My sessions with Leah have been an invaluable tool as I’ve navigated the early stages of my faith transition. She has an incredible skill for listening and distilling what you are saying, and then offering insightful observations and advice. I left every session with actionable takeaways, resources, and tools that I could use to work on my self care and improve my most important relationships. I would recommend Leah to anyone who is going through any pivotal changes in their lives.

Emily White

If you feel lost, groundless, and hopeless, you are not alone. I have been where you are, and so has Leah. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had such an amazing mentor/coach to help me navigate such a difficult time in my life. Leah helped me change from seeing everything in black and white to seeing vibrant colors. She is so resourceful and can point you to the answers you’ve been looking for. To sum it all up, she was able to help me develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise, discover who I am and what I want in life, recognize unhealthy communication patterns and change them, and most importantly to love myself. I sure do love Leah, and I know you will too!

Adaley Checketts

Leah’s communication course is a TREASURE. It has changed my world! I’m identifying and communicating my boundaries in a calm and respectful way and it feels amaaazing. I feel more confident in owning my new beliefs and I have more acceptance around differentiation.

Role-playing conversations with Leah was really valuable for me, and she provided us with scripts to use in real-life situations (e.g., “I am hearing that what is hardest for you right now is _______.”).

I love Leah’s personality and authenticity and her genuine kindness. I love her style and organization on social media, her website and the course notes. This course is definitely worth your time, money and energy. It’s all about becoming a better human and improving the things that matter most: our relationship with ourselves and others.

Jamie Niedrich

My wife and I took Leah’s 5 week communication course and it was life changing. The course provided us with priceless insight and tools to become better communicators. You can expect one on one, and group discussions about important key topics to help you become a better listener, gain awareness, assertively communicate and set healthy boundaries. It also helped us learn how to identify different levels of relationship vulnerability.

Leah is an amazingly intuitive coach and has an emotional and intellectual connection with every one of her clients. It’s evident Leah sincerely cares and wants to help you through all of the challenges a faith transition bring. Her personal life experience, time, sacrifice and effort she puts into effectively helping others is astonishing and inspiring. You’ll leave her sessions feeling supported and empowered by a close friend helping you through some of the hardest things you’ve ever faced. This is one of the most valuable investments my wife and I have ever made, individually and together for our family’s future. Thank you, Leah.

Bobby England

Communicating is life! We do it nearly every hour of every day and I am beyond grateful for the tools I learned in Leah’s course on how to communicate effectively with others. I am taking all I learned and re-framing how I communicate with people at work, with my husband, with my children and my extended family. With the tools Leah offered I am seeing positive change as I now have the words to express myself clearly, honestly, and also hold space for actively listening to my loved ones. It’s as if my perspective has been widened and I can pay attention to the emotions behind communication and act accordingly. Her assertiveness tools have also helped me feel more confident about myself, allowing me to trust what I say and back it up with actions. I highly recommend this course. All takeaways have been helpful, positive, balanced and relationship saving.

Stephanie Ortiz

Leah’s coaching has been invaluable as I’ve been navigating the loss of my faith and our mixed faith marriage. When I first started talking with Leah I had very little hope that my marriage would survive and I, personally, was in the deepest despair of my life. Leah’s wisdom and concrete tools have been paramount to turning our marriage into a more healthy relationship with better communication, boundaries and intentional shifting from the destructive patterns that had built up over the years.

Leah has given me endless resources, compassion and action items to help me be accountable to what we talk about in each session. She has truly been an angel to me and to my family during the hardest and darkest time of our family’s life. I come away from each session blown away by how much I’ve learned and always more hopeful that with hard work things will get better. She follows up every session with an email of notes that we talked about as well as action items for me to focus on. I came to Leah in a thousand broken pieces and she helped put me back together into a more authentic and healthy whole person. Coaching with Leah is one of the best choices I’ve ever made and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jami Waite

Leah was an amazing coach to guide me through the beginning of my faith transition. She helped me to navigate difficult issues I was now facing. With her help I was able to start the process of healing. I learned about healthy boundaries, values that are important to me, and new rituals I could incorporate with my children to help our relationships grow. Leah is gem. I highly recommend her. I’m grateful for all the help she gave me during that difficult time in my life.

Christy Bodily

At the age of 55 I found out I had a gay son. I went looking for answers and ways my family (4 daughters and 1 son) could still fit in the Mormon church box. Instead of answers I happened upon the Gospel Topic Essays and this started my journey. I spent 12 years in A FAITH\TRUTH crisis, slowly deconstructing everything I thought I knew. I finally reached a point I knew I needed help. After trying two other coaches\counselors I found Leah. What a blessing this has been. She has helped me with my communication skills, she helped me understand I was doing the best I could with the knowledge that I had.

Leah taught me that less is more and to be more patient when talking with my four very orthodox daughters. (Thankfully my wife has been at my side through all of this.) After a couple of sessions with Leah I could see and feel my relationships with my daughters was improving. My only regret was that I hadn’t found Leah earlier. She has truly helped change the dynamics of my family, all for the good. Everybody deserves a little Leah time! Thanks Leah!!

Zan Bowles

I have been struggling with finding a family economy system that fits the variety of ages and abilities of my five children: four sons ranging in age from 6 – 12 and a special needs teen daughter.  I’ve used many systems over the years but now with my kids’ age span, I’m having trouble keeping the teens motivated and the system doable for my little ones.  I am so happy to report that Leah’s Four Weeks to Family Economy course has been the answer I was looking for!  The tools she has shared have allowed me to construct a “one size fits all” type of system that is simple yet thorough and motivating for all of my children.  As they earn money through this system they are practicing healthy financial habits such as saving, budgeting, deferred gratification, investing and a deeper appreciation for their purchases.  

In the short time I’ve implemented this system, I am loving watching my children take ownership and be in charge of their small financial sphere.  In addition, Leah has taught me to let the system be the reinforcer while I get to be an ally to my kids.  I so appreciate how this approach offers more opportunity for positive interactions with my children around their house work.  I highly recommend this course and am excited to see the good it will do for my family long term!

Stephanie Ortiz