Faith Transitions

Mormon Faith Transition Coaching:

  • Learn what levels of vulnerability are and how they can support you through your transition
  • Identify and develop boundaries that can support your unique situation and learn how to implement them in various circumstances
  • Discover the power of differentiation and how to cultivate this super power within your immediate family, extended family and friendship circles
  • Ideas for fostering even healthier relationships with believing family and friends
  • Work through a thoughtful and intentional “coming out” approach as you plan to talk to family members, ward members and friends about your transition
  • Role-play to practice skills like levels of vulnerability, boundaries and differentiation
  • Explore options for supporting children of various ages through various stages of their transition
  • Develop a new foundation for your family including identifying family core values, new rituals, traditions and communication skills that can foster meaningful family connection, family growth and individual growth
  • What’s next? Learn ways to lean into and honor the new amazing parts of you that are emerging
  • A new chapter of life! Be guided through exercises designed to help you tune into and honor your inner knowing
  • Work through a process that can help you launch into a new career, identify a new balance in motherhood or renegotiate how your priorities may change moving forward
  • Receive personalized reading recommendations that can support your individual and/or family journey
  • Identify self-care practices that can help you not only survive, but thrive through your transition and beyond
Intentional Parenting

Intentional Parenting Coaching:

  • Cultivate healthy approaches to connecting with and supporting each unique child in their stages of development
  • Learn simple and doable shifts that will help you move into conscious parenting practices that support your unique family
  • Discover ideas for creating meaningful family core values and learn various ways to incorporate these values into daily family life
  • Create systems, routines and rituals that align specifically with your family
  • Learn how to incorporate active listening skills into your family culture – this is an absolute game changer
  • Explore intentional discipline strategies for kids of all ages that foster growth for the child and extend sanity to the parents
  • Identify ways to incorporate boundaries that can support you, as a parent, in the midst of raising children
  • Feeding your family – streamline approaches that can simplify this huge responsibility
  • Role-play challenging discipline scenarios that have or may come up in your family
  • Discover how cultivating differentiation at home can increase connection between siblings and with parents

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