The Mormon Transition – A Prerequisite Video

Mormon Faith Transition


Please make sure to watch this video first. I have an abundance of personal experience having transitioned with my husband and four children out of Mormonism. I also primarily work with clients in my coaching practice who are on a similar journey.

That being said, this is SUCH an individual experience with so many complex layers, so it is impossible for me to take every scenario into consideration. I will do my best to offer what has been helpful and useful for us, but keep in mind that my offering may or may not be useful for your unique situation.

Stay tuned as videos in this category will be shared on an ongoing basis. Topics you can expect to be addressed include:

– communicating with believers
– supporting kids through transition
– navigating a mixed-faith marriage
– differentiation
– anatomy of trust in relationships
– levels of vulnerability
– creating new family rituals