What We Still Have in Common

Mormon Faith Transition

We can all agree that the average church member has been conditioned to believe that when someone leaves the church they will most likely:

– they will never be truly happy again
– they will likely succumb to a variety of “sins”
– that they have forfeited their ticket to the possibility of eternal salvation

With that said, if our goal is to maintain relations with friends and family in the church, then the tip in this video may be useful.

Remember, the believer in your life is most likely scared that you have “changed,” and you have, but they often view this change as negative if it involves you no longer aligning yourself with the Mormon faith.

However, the truth is, that while we may no longer pledge allegiance to Mormonism, many of us still have the smilier values as our believing loved ones. Values such as:

-loyalty to family
-unconditional love

Focusing on these commonalities in conversations can be useful and reassuring.