Coaching Options


Standard Coaching

The first step in toward coaching is to book a Discovery Session. During this session I will gain an in-depth understanding of what brings you to coaching and how I can best support you moving forward. 

If by the end of this session we mutually feel that we are a good fit for moving forward together, you will gain access to my client portal where you can book future coaching sessions. 

PLEASE NOTE, I do work with couples, however, each partner must first book an individual Discovery Session. Additionally, all standard coaching sessions take place on zoom. 


Discovery session (65 min.) $150
Coaching sessions (50 min.) $135
Six Session Packages $775

In person Coaching

(Within a 10 mile radius of Dublin, OH)

This option provides an opportunity for individuals, couples, parents and families to learn, practice and apply conscious communication skills that will alleviate frustration and create closer, safer and healthier relationships both in and out of the home.

The first step towards booking in-person, in your home, coaching, is to book a virtual consultation call. This call will help me gain an in-depth understanding of your specific personal, partnership and/or family needs, dynamics and goals. 

4 Session Package $600
6 session package $900

Transformation Retreats

This immersive experience includes intention setting, two preparation coaching sessions, pre-retreat assignments, an in-person full day experience, an individualized integration plan and two post-retreat coaching sessions for accountability and continued integration support.

For many, this kind of deeply healing work becomes the anchor in their wellness journey. This retreat is designed to radically elevate your life experience, allowing you to understand yourself, your trauma and your relationship to yourself, and others, in a whole new way.

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